There's not really anything better than hearing those stories of people going out of their way to help out others. It's even better when it's kids showing kindness and generosity.

Winter Storm Stella seems like a distant memory now, but stories are still coming in of people helping out others... neighbors, complete strangers, anyone who needed an extra hand.

After the snowstorm dumped about four feet in Brookfield, two boys decided they were going to go out and help their neighbors by shoveling the snow. Some people showed their gratitude by giving the boys a few dollars for helping, but they didn't go out expecting anything. Sharon Ondrako, who shared the story with us, says

...they worked hard all day helping out 4 different ladies and then they went over to our town hall and shoveled out the door so people could get in!

What a wonderful and thoughtful thing for these two kids to do. You don't have to be rich or know everything to help out others, sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact in someone's life. These two boys are too young to drive, they (probably) don't have jobs or any money coming in, but they still found a way to help out their neighbors and their town.

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