We are no rookies in Central New York to constant changes in weather. Snow squalls are not uncommon either for us, but they do look cool in a time lapsed video.

It was just a weekend or two ago in Central New York that we saw a pretty mean snow squall sweep its way across the region. As with any snow squall, it took what were normal conditions on a winter Saturday down to a screeching halt for an hour or two. Traffic on the thruway went from normal speed, down to 30 miles per hour. Wouldn't it be cool to see a time lapsed video showing the sheer power of one of these weather events?

While there was no video that surfaced of the one in Central New York, just this past weekend a massive snow squall did roll into a town just off the New York State Border, Burlington, Vermont. Being right on Lake Champlain, Burlington is also no rookie when it comes to a squall. But man, the video below sure does look impressive and had to have made everything on that day a touch bit tricky.

The day already looked dreary and disgusting in the sky, only seconds into this time lapsed video can you start to see nothing. Through the massive amounts of wind and whiteout conditions, the edge of the town on Lake Champlain just disappeared.

While what we had was certainly bad, is it possible that this one right off the New York State border topped it?

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