Wisdom came back out in 1986 It was written by its star, Emilio Estevez, who co-directed with executive producer Robert Wise. The film also stars Demi Moore, along with Tom Skeritt and Veronica Cartwright as Estevez's parents. Emilio dedicated the film to the memory of his friend Henry Proach. Wisdom is today’s spotlight in Brat Pack Week.

The film was not popular with critics; Leonard Maltin considered it "wretchedly scripted, with one of the most self-defeating wrap-ups you'll ever see."

Here’s the movie plot from our good friends at wikipedia: John Wisdom (Estevez) is a young man just out of college. He's branded a felon after a grand theft auto conviction on the night of his high school graduation, and as a result can't hold down a decent job. Seeing little future for himself, Wisdom takes a left turn: he becomes a criminal "for the people." After seeing news reports about all the impoverished farmers and working class being sent to the bank to pay ownership debts, Wisdom goes on a bank robbing spree with his girlfriend, Karen (Moore); they erase loan and mortgage records, buying time for the poor to pay their debts. With the FBI after them, things take a turn for the worse when a panicky Karen murders a local sheriff.

The ending is a kicker, John wakes up where the film started, in his parents' bathroom. He emerges from the shower and proceeds to get ready for his job interview. His entire story has apparently been a daydream.