St. Elmo's Fire was released back in 1985 and it’s an “American coming-of-age film” directed by Joel Schumacher. The film stars a lot of our Brat Pack gang including: Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Mare Winningham. It’s probably one of the most recognizable Brat pack films, and our last spotlight in Brat Pack Week.  

The movie revolves around a group of friends that have just graduated from Georgetown University and their adjustment to their post-university lives and how they have to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Do you remember who played who? Here’s a quick rundown of who the cast is played by, and who that character is from Wikipedia:

  • Emilio Estevez as Kirby Keager - A waiter at St. Elmo's Bar with hopes of becoming a lawyer. Lives with Kevin Dolenz. He develops an obsession with Dale Biberman.
  • Rob Lowe as William "Billy" Hicks - The "frat boy" of the group. A reluctant husband and father who rarely goes home to sleep.
  • Andrew McCarthy as Kevin Dolenz - A writer with a sullen streak whom Leslie says, "just needs to fall in love". His writing job only allows him to write obituaries, but he's searching for the meaning of life. His friends suspect that he is gay but he is later found to have a crush on Leslie.
  • Demi Moore as Julianna "Jules" Van Patten - The wild "party girl" of the group, with an extravagant lifestyle and a cocaine habit. Jules used to be Leslie's roommate and is still her best friend.
  • Judd Nelson as Alec Newbury - A ruthless, ambitious yuppie and young Democrat pursuing a career in politics. He's desperate to marry Leslie yet she continues to turn him down, causing him to have an affair with a girl who works at a lingerie store. Later starts working for a Republican senator.
  • Ally Sheedy as Leslie Hunter - Alec's yuppie girlfriend who wants to pursue a career as an architect before marrying and having children. She lives with Alec but is starting to doubt her relationship with him.
  • Mare Winningham as Wendy Beamish - a girl from a wealthy family, the "innocent" one in the group, and a painfully shy virgin who devotes her life to helping others. She is in love with Billy Hicks, though she knows her father will never accept him.”

This has to be one of the best movies other than The Breakfast Club. I suggest watching it if you’ve never seen it, and watching it again if you have! When I first saw this movie I didn’t understand it at all. I watched it recently and fully understood the message.