This is not a new story. It first broke in December of 2020.

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I suspect it was to get us primed for what undoubtedly would become lots and lots of questions. But then life happened. 2020 was prime pandemic season and I suppose folx forgot that





of all places.


I mean, if breakdancing were to premier at an Olympic festival hosted in the Bronx where it was born--ICONIC. But Paris? Home now to a bed bugs epidemic? Meh.


This is NOT Paris slander. (Please let the former Miss New York know)


@taryntino21 Not my TT algorithm sending me paris slander vids WHILE IM IN MY FAVORITE CITY (next to NYC of course) PLS GIVE HER A CHANCE youre SUPPOSED to sit and do nothing at a cafe here! DONT YOU GET IT?!? #paris #france ♬ French scented fashionable accordion waltz(874070) - Single Origin Music


I just have questions.



My Questions:

How does One Qualify for an Olympics Level Breakdancing Team? Is it like gymnastics?


Also, Who Are the Judges Who Shalt be Judging the Breakdancing Competitions?

Do we know them? Are they from New York? Are they breakdancing pioneers? Do they have credentials? Can we see them?


Also, who will be the Breakdancing commentators?

You know, the people on the live mics, breaking down each move for the folx watching at home. I feel like Break Dance commentation requires a specific skill set.


And Finally, what is the determining factor for Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mentions?

Is there a do or die move that has to happen that shores the gold?


Breakdancing as a sport in the Paris Olympics is exciting on face, but until my questions are answered, I'll keep one brow up until next summer in Paris.


FYI: The frontrunner to win gold for the US team in Breakdancing is a woman from New York. Stay tuned...

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