As we get closer to Halloween, we love sharing different ghost stories of Central New York. Have you heard about several ghosts that are located on Raquette Lake at The Bright Side

A simple web search will show you several different stories of this inn. Even the business themselves embrace their ghost visitors. What are some of the reports that have come in? There appears to be several spirits with no plans on checking out of the Bright Side.

One story is about a couple who stayed at the Bright Side during the winter: The couple had checked into the hotel and was staying in one of the bedrooms over the kitchen.

The man went out over the ice to the village through a blue fog or mist in the middle of a blizzard. According to the tale, he never returned. The wife, just sat in her room gazing out the window awaiting his return and continues to wait, even today."

Visitors have reported finding her jacket still hanging on the wall, and constant motion in that room above the kitchen. Blue orbs have been reported in this room, and also of the bed shaking:

A common complaint has been that in that room, for some unexplainable reason, the bed will begin to shake. At one event, a young girl decided to go to bed early. The remainder of the group was either by the fire at the lean-to or in the game room. About an hour after she left, she ran back to the group in a frenzied panic. Breathless and frightened, she said that she was reading her book when she thought she felt the bed move. Passing it off as nothing, she continued to read until she realized that the bed was shaking so much, she couldn’t keep the book still."

Imagine waking up to that?

The Bright Side keeps a constant log of different haunting reports. You can find more stories here.


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