Love is one of life’s primary motivators. It creates art, music, literature. Wars are fought for love, and are lost for love. And to borrow a popular phrase, it ‘pierces the veil’, as well.
The Brightside on Raquette was built in 1884 by Joe and Mary Bryere, as a resort based on the Great Camps style of the late 1800s. Starting from a bare plot of land, they expanded the complex to encompass 100 acres of land, becoming a popular vacation spot.

According to stories told by the current owners of the Brightside, the current ghosts of the hotel were two such vacationers.

His wife still maintains her lonely vigil, waiting for her husband to return.

A husband and wife were staying at the hotel one winter when the husband wandered out in a blizzard, heading for the nearby village. His wife sat at the window, waiting for him to return, but he was never seen again. His wife still maintains her lonely vigil, waiting for her husband to return. It is said that the only thing that consoles her is when the old piano downstairs in the hotel is played. She will leave her spot at the window to listen to the piano music, returning once it ends.

During renovations, it is reported that a woman’s jacket was found in ‘the Ghost Room’. It was in good condition, but looked to be old. The construction workers, not knowing what to do with the jacket, left it in the room. A few weeks later, a man’s jacket appeared. Perhaps her husband has returned to her?

According to guest accounts, the spirits of the hotel are most often seen as bluish orbs darting around the rooms, and seem to be frequently spotted.

[Contributed By NY Shadow Chasers]