After a month of receiving treatment, E! News is reporting that Britney Spears left the mental health facility she admitted herself into at the beginning of April and is heading back to the comfort of her own home.

However, as TMZ notes, though the pop star is in a much better mental state than she was 30 days ago, her doctors are still working on a new medicine cocktail to ensure she continues to feel better. The last combo eventually became ineffective to the point where Spears stopped taking her meds all together, which was a factor in her decision to seek treatment when she became distraught over her father's ongoing health battles.

Though it's been said Spears checked herself in voluntarily, some fans had suspicions that she was being held against her will and started the #FreeBritney hashtag. Just days before discharging herself, the singer shared a message with fans on Instagram to address the "out of control" allegations. She  ensured those concerned that she's doing fine and asked for privacy as she continues "to deal with all the hard things that life is throwing my way."

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