Buffalo, New York was clearly pumped up last Sunday, and so were The Buffalo Bills as they squished the fish 29-10 at the new and improved Ralph Wilson Stadium. C.J. Spiller exploded for a 102-yard kickoff return which got the crowd roaring while rookie receiver Sammy Watkins had a 12-yard touchdown catch as well in this unpredictable lop-sided victory for The Bills. Will the momentum carry over into week 3 as they take on a team that has also played very well so far this season, the San Diego Chargers?

Fans found out that; Jim Kelly's health was improving beyond expectations, they have a new LOCAL owner meaning the Bills are in Western New York to stay and that, Sammy Watkins was healthy and ready to play.  This clearly contributed to the excitement.

The Buffalo Bills are only favored by one and are expected to lose against the spread. They will really have to have another flawless game as San Diego is also at the top of their game right now.

So, who do you think will win? Find out what the experts predict.

[Bleecher Report]