A recent story that appeared in England's Telegraph website that ranked the 12 smelliest cities. Ranked #4 and the smelliest in the United States was Buffalo.

According to the Telegraph, Buffalo earns the distinction because of

the General Mills plant, where Cheerios are manufactured, Buffalo sometimes smells of toasted oats. The residents are so fond of their scent that they even sells T-shirts declaring "my city smells like Cheerios".

At least that's a positive smell. Other cities on the list include Lansing, which they say smells like paint due to a General Motors plant in town and Cincinnati with a Proctor and Gamble soap and candle making facility.

The smelliest city in the whole world? The Telegraph says it's Rotorua, New Zealand. Located near sulfurous hot springs, the city has a consistent rotten egg smell.

From my experience, the most olfactory funky city is Gary, Indiana fueled by their steel making plants.

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