Its hot summer days that make you wish you had your own backyard pool. Up until now we had to settle for running through the sprinkler!

When I was a kid, I tried on several occasions to build my own swimming pool. I started by digging a big pit in my backyard using a trenching shovel; next I would use the garden hose to fill the hole. After I filled the hole with water, I ran inside my house and quickly changed into my swimming trunks. When I got back outdoors I would sigh and wonder why the pool I spent seemingly hours to construct didn't hold the water. Obviously the soil had drunk in the H20 and I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

I made several unsuccessful attempts at building my own swimming hole. One day I thought I discovered the solution to the problem of the pool not holding water; I figured if I placed a plastic tarp over the soil, the water would stay where it was supposed to. Well, that failed too, and oh, those big holes in my backyard? Umm, let's just say I got really grounded for grounding.

If you've always wanted to build your own pool, check out THIS SITE, and watch this video!



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