Have a question about that turkey you're preparing for Thanksgiving? The Butterball Turkey Hotline will allow you to send your questions and concerns via text message this year.

There's nothing wrong with having a question about preparing your Thanksgiving turkey - Whether you just have a simple question and need a quick answer or you're having a turkey emergency, the Butterball Turkey Hotline is there for you. They have been helping people with their turkey problems for the last 35 years, and to keep up with the changes in how consumers get information, for their 36th year they will be accepting text messages.

If you rather call their hotline, you're more than welcome to - They will still be accepting questions via phone and email. You can also get your problems answered through their Facebook Page or Twitter account.

You can call in your turkey questions now through December 24th at 1-800-BUTTERBALL. Here are the hours someone is available to help:

Nov. 1 - Nov. 8: 9am - 9pm
Nov. 19 - Nov. 20: 9am - 7pm
Nov. 21 - Nov. 22: 8am - 9pm
Nov. 23: 8am - 11pm
Nov. 24: 7am - 7pm
Nov. 25 - Dec 23: 9am - 7pm
Dec. 24: 9am - 3pm

The text line isn't open yet, but it will open on November 17th and will stay open until November 24th. That number is: 844-877-3456. You can always get tips, recipes, and even coupons by visiting the Butterball Turkey website here.