How well do those online recipes really work? Naomi and Archie test them out - This time, they're making chocolate coated bacon shot glasses.

You've probably seen those recipes on Facebook and Twitter, and all over the place - Those quick videos, showing you how to make these delicious meals and appetizers. And they make it look so simple! Is it really that simple, though? Or does it take a lot more work that gets skipped out in the video?

Naomi and Archie are on a mission to try a bunch of these recipes and see how well they work. Archie has some cooking experience, but Naomi has no business being in a kitchen - she's a terrible cook! So that makes things pretty interesting.

This week, Naomi and Archie are testing out an online recipe for making bacon shot glasses, coated in chocolate.

If you would like to try making this delicious, but slightly difficult treat, you can see the original recipe here.



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