Imagine this: walking down the frozen food isle at your grocery story and seeing frozen fried Twinkies. Your heart flutters, you're in love. You buy 16 boxes. 

According to the NY Post, Hostess is currently telling lenders it is seriously thinking about expanding its product line-up with frozen fried Twinkies.

Additionally, Hostess, which makes Ho Hos, Donettes, Sno Balls and others snack brands, is weighing a move to introduce a bread line, with bagels, tortillas and English muffins, a source said.:

“They have been working on developing bread with extended shelf life,” a source said.

Personally, I would order 15 boxes. Who doesn't love Twinkies to begin with? The fact they will sell them deep fried, and all I have to do is heat them up....amazing.

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