One local group is now providing Central New York with honest food reviews of many restaurants. Get ready to take a bite with Eat Local.

Meet Eat Local

Eat Local
Eat Local

Grown Locally Media aka Eat Local is giving Central New Yorkers honest feedback on many restaurants, bars, wings, and pizza joints. Gio dives into each review with a video, and truly honest feedback.

"I’ve always been a fan of food shows and food content. Pizza was also always there for me growing up so it has a special place in my heart. And what goes best with pizza? WINGS!"

Gio reviews the slices for real, in real time, on the review. Also they don't hold back if the slice doesn't meet their standards. Eat Local showcases what restaurant they're at in the show highlights. The rating scale is 1 out of of 10 (How ya doin’s). So how does one get a 10? Gio has a specific method of what he looks for:

"I’m looking for a thin and crispy slice with some nice crisp and crunch, that’s my go to. I also before the places medium sauce because I can’t eat pizza without it!"

Central New York's pizza game is unique. Why? We are right in the middle of Buffalo and New York City. We should know our pizza in New York. Throughout Central New York you're able to get the best of both worlds of the New York City slice and the Buffalo wing.

What Are Some Of Eat Local's Favorite Places?

Eat Local
Eat Local

Some of their favorites right now include Boyz from Italy in Rome, Big Jays in Marcy and Rome, Nina's Pizza of Utica, and Hot of the Brick of Westmo. Also the most current place that really blew the crews mind was Beaver Creek Bar and Grill in Sangerfield.

"What makes these places stand out- Their ingredients. No cutting corners or shortcuts with the way they prepare food and the consistency is always there! Real pizza people!"

What Happens When A Restaurant Gets Mad At A Negative Review?

Gio tells us that currently they don’t get a lot of negative feedback from owners. They try to give everyone a fair shot and rate the pizza in THEIR opinion and maybe not the general census.

"We have been somewhere and they gave us fantastic food, and the following week I ordered to-go mid-day and it was just night and day difference to when it was prepared for the cameras to how it was given out normally."

Where Can You Find Eat Local?

Eat Local is in Season 4 right now. They have reviewed over 30 different pizza and wing places, and they will continue to review local food, and start exploring the Upstate region more.

"We appreciate everyone who tunes in, follows and watches!"

You can find their reviews on YouTube here.

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