Aside from flattening the curve, there might be another upside to the whole quarantine thing: saving money.

Think about it: you're not sending the kids to daycare, you're not going out to eat or to TJ Maxx, and you're fixing drinks at home instead of getting them at your local bar. All that cash adds up.

On the downside, lost wages, the hit to your 401K and all that extra toilet paper come at a cost.

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Want to know just how much you're saving? The people at have set up a handy little calculator that takes things like the number of kids you have, how often you order in - even the length of your commute to figure out how much you're saving.

They estimate much money you’d save in a month based on the following figures:

  • Getting take out -- $10/person each time
  • Going to restaurants -- $27/person each time
  • Going to bars -- $40 a trip
  • Commute savings -- $.59/mile each way
  • And childcare savings -- $900/mo

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