When I was a kid, one of my favorite sweets was rock candy. Up until now, it seems to have disappeared from the store shelves. However, a Canajoharie based candy company is revitalizing the iconic candy.  

Do you remember Cosmic Candy? I do. In fact, I can still remember how it used to sizzle in my mouth.  Nobody seems to know why they fizzled out but it may have something to do with the urban legend surrounding "Mikey," the Life Cereal kid who supposedly "liked" everything. A rumor circulated that Mikey drank soda mixed with pop rocks and died as a result.  I remember hearing that particular tale in the lunch room cafeteria when I was a little boy.

Needless to say I do miss eating Cosmic candy; especially grape flavored. According to GBNFGroceries:

In 1976, General Foods really took the novelty candy world by storm with it's new candy, Pop Rocks. It was a hit, so a few years later, they released a new candy (which was similar) called Space Dust. It was basically Pop Rocks, just crushed up into a fine powder. It was later renamed to Cosmic Candy.

Listen up mom, dad, and children of all ages: A Canajoharie based candy company known as Dryden and Palmer has brought rock candy back to life with their invention called "Lolli Rock Pops."

Matthew Hubbell
Matthew Hubbell

They come in 12 "rockin" flavors including: Wild Cherry, Cotton Candy, and Wacky Watermelon to name a few.

Just Jenn and I talked about this candy company today.


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