There will be no mo moe. this year in Utica. At least for now. The popular jam band with ties to the Mohawk Valley cancelled an upcoming Utica show.

Bass guitarist Rob Derhak is dealing with a cancer diagnosis and moe. has suspended some live performances indefinitely to allow for his recovery. In a letter to fans, Derhak explained that "the prognosis is good, and the survival rate is high. Unfortunately the treatment will be rough on my body, and my voice."

The band, Derhak included, will honor their commitments to three more performances this July in New York City, Idaho, and Virginia, then their hiatus begins August 1st.

The band had recently performed in Turin, New York, at moe.down XVI. They had been scheduled to play at the F.X. Matt Brewery in September.

Some of moe.'s top hits are Rebubula, Timmy Tucker, and Spaz Medicine.

Derhak has contracted oropharyngeal cancer, which affects a specific portion of the pharynx, the area at the top of the throat, near the tonsils.

According to a page from the website, excessive alcohol and tobacco use can lead to some oral cancers.

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