If you've complained about conditions for basketball or football games at Syracuse University's Carrier Dome, this one's for you.

A new and improved Carrier Dome is in the planning stages, with the two-part plan set to be completed in 2020 and 2022. The first stage of the renovation calls for an expanded roof, using technology called "tension membrane" that's been popular at other stadiums in Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Florida State University and other locations. The Syracuse University version of the roof would not be retractable.

With the proposed changes, the height of the Carrier Dome would increase by about 29 feet, making it more visible from greater distances against the Syracuse skyline.

The improvements to be implemented by 2020 would also include better sound and lighting, a new scoreboard, and greater accessibility.

The second stage of the plan calls for improved rest rooms and concessions and, wait for it...air conditioning. Yes, by 2022 the stadium underwritten by the Carrier Corporation and christened in 1980 would finally offer AC for fans.

For you architectural aficionados, here's the full application (with sketches) that Syracuse University submitted to the City of Syracuse Planning Commission.


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