We are highlighting stories from Spring Farm Cares in June for 'Adpot a Shelter Cat Month.' Today we're sharing with you the troubling story of Sadie.  The little kitten was found abandoned near a dumpster at a convince story. She was brought by a Good Samaritan to Spring Farm.  A veternarian looked at the severe bone fractures from which she was suffering and indicated she'd been kicked in the midsection multiple times.


Sadie shared these thoughts with Spring Farm Cares animial communication expert, Dawn:

But, Sadie has hope that we won’t turn and walk away.  Our world is in a state of great change and shifting.  And, as such, it feels like things are swirling all around us, and indeed they are.  This is not just another sad animal story and a plea for donations.  Because, frankly, you like many others may not have anything extra to give.  But no matter how strapped you feel, no matter how busy you are, all of you have love to share.  All of you have prayers and kind thoughts to offer.  And all of you have compassion to give.  And, like Sadie, you have hope.

We - all of us - can share some piece of ourselves in a loving way each day.  Isn’t that what our animals show us?  It can be a small random act of kindness.  But kindness spreads and fills gaps in our hearts and brings a healing with it to all who are touched by it.  You know that firsthand.  Look how you feel when you come home to your animal friends each day.

Little Sadie had nothing left to call upon in her life for help.  But she clung to the idea and hope that someone would come.  And someone did.  Someone who had no resources whatsoever in her own life and is struggling herself,  yet she shared compassion for this desperate kitten.  Someone who stepped outside of her own need and said, “I have to help somehow.”  She didn’t know what to do, but she kept on trying.  And her persistence and dedication became the hope that Sadie needed to survive.

Sadie needed extensive surgery and months of therapy, but now lives happily in an adoptive home.

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