Cavallo's in New Hartford says three people ate a meal at their restaurant, and then left without paying.

In a Facebook post, Cavallo's alleges the trio dined at the restaurant on Tuesday, August 11, and left without paying, otherwise known as a 'dine and dash'.

In New York, the dine and dash is known as "Theft of Services", a violation of New York Penal Law 165.15 (NY PL 165.15). "Theft of services can include a wide group of offenses that are Class A misdemeanors in which the suspect is accused of intentionally not paying for services received, or intended not to pay for them," according to

In the photos, the alleged 'dine and dashers' are wearing masks, leading Facebook commenters to note how much harder the current need for masks make it to identify people.

Now is the time for all of us to support our local businesses, not steal from them, while also shortchanging the waitress who didn't receive a tip.

Credit: Cavallo's
Credit: Cavallo's

If you recognize the people in the photograph, please contact Cavallo's on Facebook, or the New Hartford Police Department.


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