First it was rattlesnakes in New York State. Now, another animal threatens us, just weeks after breaking news of the murder hornets scared us all.

Rats. According to the Centers for Disease Control, we need to be on the watch for "aggressive" rodents during the COVID-19 health crisis. The New York Times reported that Bobby Corrigan, the CDC's urban rodentologist (who knew there was such a thing), warns that colonies of rats in New York and other big cities are becoming more aggressive.

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Aggressive Rat
Credit: Dave Coombs via Canva

The rodents are used to having food scraps and waste from restaurants available in dumpsters and trash bins. During the pandemic, these food sources are not as plentiful, so the rats are expanding their search for sustenance. In other words, the burbs. Yes, they may be heading upstate, just like the many Manhattan residents considering relocation. The CDC warns that rats and other rodents often carry diseases. So, be on the lookout for these aggressive animals. And if the rats happen to be Rodents of Unusual Size? And they appear to be organized into scary gangs?

And they're wearing boxing gloves, and carrying tiny switchblades or baseball bats? Run for your lives!

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