Just Jen checked in at 6:40 this morning. She has bronchitis so she's talking kind of funny. She sounds a little like Miley Cyrus. Do you know a certain someone with a less than pleasant voice?

Well hopefully I don't fall into this category but I was curious to see what voices you find annoying or coarse. Here's what I discovered:

Rachel Ray  Personally I kind of like Rachel's voice. It's raspy, scratchy, and almost sultry. However, certain critics ripped on her unique speaking style:

It’s her Upstate New York by way of New England pack-a-day husk and catchphrases like E.V.O.O. (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and yummo! (TheSharkGuys.Com)

Perhaps it's no coincidence that Rachel's husband plays in a band called "The Cringe!"


Rosie O'Donnell  I have to agree with critics on this choice. I can't put my finger on it, but for whatever reason I have a hard time listening to anything this woman utters. Maybe it's her harsh tone or brazen demeanor. If you happen to be in the minority and love Rosie's voice, you can listen to her spout off at the mouth on "Rosie Radio!"


Fran Drescher  Enough Said!


Nicolas Cage   I'm not sure why this one made the list. Certainly Nick has a one of a kind speaking voice, but isn't that one of the attributes that contributed to his success. His trademark slow-motion delivery is what makes Nicolas cage so ...well, Nicolas Cage.


Chris Berman  I love Chris Berman for his contagious enthusiasm, passion for sports, and clever "Bermanisms," but there came a turning point in his career when his voice went from entertaining and inviting to loud and annoying.


Just Jen checked in at 6:40 this morning. She has bronchitis so we got talking about that TV or radio personality that talk like they're on the air 24/7 Click the PURPLE tab to listen!

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