It must be the high temperatures finally kicking in. There's no other explanation, because we had a few overly heated discussions during the Lite 98.7 morning show this week--on a variety of silly (to me) and serious (to Beth) topics.

We covered illicit substances, ice cubes, weed whacking in Central New York, giraffes and more. Click above for the video and/or follow along to the description below. Here, in no specific order, are the top five moments (or Best of Beth & Dave) from the week of June 18, 2018:

-The order of landscaping. Beth says weed whacking comes first, while I claim it's either the opposite or it doesn't matter.

-Marijuana in our back yard? Beth was convinced we had some pot growing wild. I didn't think so and revealed a few secrets from my past.

-How we'd kill each other. Not really. But...these ideas DID came out of our mouths a little too easily.

-A fine appreciation of ice cubes. Beth says the type of cube makes a difference, while I say...meh.

-Giraffe business. Kinda like monkey business, except with longer necks.


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