Our animals in this region of Central New York, especially many of those featured in Lite 98.7's "Wet Nose Wednesday" segment, now have a safer place to live.

Following a hearing, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente signed the county's first Animal Abuser Registry into law.

“I am proud to say that today, animals are safer in Oneida County,” Picente, whose partners included Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol and Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara. "With this new law in the books," added Picente, "we are putting those who seek to harm defenseless animals on notice that they can no longer hide from their intolerable acts.”

The online registry will identify individuals in Oneida County who have been convicted of animal abuse to prevent them from purchasing or obtaining animals from any animal shelter or pet seller. Those individuals will remain on the list for 15 years.

The registry will be monitored by the Sheriff's Office.

The Animal Abuser Registry Law will be filed with New York State within the next 20 days, at which point it will officially go into effect.

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