A poll released this week that was conducted by Axios and Harris determined our country's 100 most visible companies, then ranked their reputations, using a wide spectrum of qualities.

The list was comprised of many of the usual suspects, including the U.S. Government, which finished dead-last in the study. Rochester-based grocer Wegmans was #1, up one notch from the 2018 poll. The result comes as no surprise for those of us familiar with its stores in Syracuse and its growing footprint into Pennsylvania and other U.S. states. Wegmans has become synonymous with quality.

The outcome was based on nine key metrics. Wegmans ranked first in the following five: Ethics, Products and service, Character, Citizenship and Culture. And the grocer ranked second in growth, vision and trajectory, and fifth in affinity.

Wegmans was in good company, joined on the list by such recognizable giants as Amazon, L.L. Bean, Walt Disney, and southern grocery leader Publix.

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