There's a big difference between "bald" and "balding." Just one of the many facts we learned on Bald Is Beautiful Day, an "unoffical" national holiday observed every September 13th.

We asked folks to respond to the question: Is it true that Bald Is Beautiful, or does it depend? We got some interesting answers.

Our friend Pea wrote: "Beautiful bald people are beautiful to begin with."

As if proving Pea's theory, another buddy, Andrew, aka "Doc," responded with the proud picture of himself you see at the top of the page and claimed to be "Methuselah's kid brother."

Ronnie said he's completely bald by choice and added: "No money in barber shops for me. Just shave my head every other day generally." He also pointed out the difference between his completely bald look, which is sartorially popular these days, as opposed to the less desirable "balding" looks, featuring thinning hair, combovers, receding hairlines, and other inferior options.

We also recently learned of another horrible trend where guys try to hide their bald spots or bad hair in their online profile pictures. The act of "Hatfishing" on dating websites has become very popular; there should be severe penalties.

On the positive side, The Art of Manliness website has great tips and hairstyle ideas here for guys who are going bald. Take heed or just shave it off and shine on.


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