While most Central New Yorkers are busy with holiday parties and last-minute Christmas shopping, a group of caring and industrious Syracuse University students are in Puerto Rico to provide aid to families and individuals still suffering the effects of two monster storms.

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria caused an estimated $150 billion in damages to the island of Puerto Rico. Students are focusing on the delivery of supplies and the continuation of clean-up efforts in greater San Juan.

A total of 23 students were chosen from close to 200 applicants to make the trip with two leaders from the Syracuse University community, Baptist Campus Chaplain Devon Bartholomew and Muslim Assistant Chaplain Ibrahim Malik.

Two of the student leaders bring special inspirations and skill sets to the relief efforts.

John Jankovic's home community downstate was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, so he has direct experience in dealing with problems the team will face.

Elissa Candiotti, a broadcast and digital journalism major, is using cameras and microphones to document the stories the team encounters.


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