In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the anticipation of Hurricane Irma, we asked folks to relate their hurricane tales. Many Central New Yorkers stepped up and shared.

Michelle, a New Woodstock resident in Madison County, was stationed with the Coast Guard in Miami during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. She joined us on Thursday's show and offered some poignant recollections about the past and an idea of what Miami faces again:

Here are some other snippets from the hurricane stories we gathered:

Terry, who lives in Cazenovia, had Hurricane Gloria pass right over his house on Long Island. He had little damage, his neighbor across the street was wiped out.

Daniel experienced Hurricane Matthew in South Carolina for a Syracuse football game at Wake Forest.

Karen was in Hurricane Charlie and says her in-laws "rode it out in a laundry room with a mattress on top of them" for protection.

Kathy was in Emerald Isle, North Carolina during Hugo.

Lisa was stuck on the Thruway after Irene and "paid $200+ for a basic room at a Knights Inn that normally would be about $65."

Richard was in Washington, DC during Isabel and spent four days without power.

Ken was in Philadelphia during Hurricane Gloria.

Perry, now in L.A., was in South Florida when Katrina first made landfall as a "mere" Category 3 and saw "trees flattened and power lines down" before it went across to the Gulf of Mexico, regenerated and proceeded to destroy New Orleans.

Joseph was in three hurricanes, including Alicia and Isabel.

Cecilia lived through "Camille 1969, Agnes 1972, Frederick 1979, Gloria 1985, Floyd 1999," plus various tornados in the midwest.

Joe "survived Hurricane Celia in 1970...the last direct hit on Corpus Christi prior to Harvey."

Mark, from New Hartford, stayed with relatives in the Florida Panhandle during four hurricanes in 2004 and says the worst part was "fire ants and sinkholes."

Chuck had a hurricane interrupt his first honeymoon on St. Martin. Maybe it was a sign, Chuck.

Eric was in New London, Connecticut aboard the USS Fulton during Hurricane Gloria.

This is just a sample of responses from my humble Facebook community. It's amazing how many people have faced a hurricane.


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