A Central New York mom is warning other parents after she says her son's toy exploded just after he put it down.

Jennifer Haynes says her son was just finished playing with the wireless karaoke mic when it exploded: "He was playing with it a few mins before it happened. Set it down we headed out of the room to go change him when a boom went off behind us. I turn around to see a cloud of smoke and a weird smell. It blew across my living room. Very scary."

The microphone is sold on Amazon.com - and out of 13 customer reviews, none report issues like the one Jennifer experienced. That being said, as a parent, I would definitely double-check the batteries in this toy and seriously consider whether I want to keep it in my house after what happened to Jennifer's.

The Camden mom said she didn't notice the microphone getting unusually hot prior to the incident.

Do you have one of these? Will you be keeping it?

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