Food Touching
There are two kinds of people in CNY, heck, in the world. People who let their food touch on their plate, and people who don't.
Online Amber’s Cyber Monday Shopping Links
Did you know you can still reap the Black Friday savings? Yesterday, I took advantage of the great free cell phone offers on by ordering a new LG Enlighten smartphone. Yes, FREE- it doesn't get cheaper than that. And Verizon isn't the only company knocking huge tick…
Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire – As Good As iPad? [VIDEO]
Amazon made a loud splash in the tablet wars this week by announcing a new version of their popular eReader, Kindle, that does a lot more than electronic books.
The new Amazon Kindle Fire, which will be released in time for Black Friday features a color screen, the ability to watch video, listen to m…
The Most Inspiring Movie Dads
Growing up you see Dad’s on TV and wonder how yours could be like the TV ones. Nothing beats the father Jack Arnold from Wonder Years, or maybe Mr. C aka Howard Cunningham from Happy Days. What are some other inspirational TV/Movie Dad’s?