We've come full circle. Retailers are selling straps for Apple's wireless Airpods, rendering them not wireless.

Let me get this straight: regular headphones weren't fancy enough, so Apple invented the Airpod - which retail for anywhere from $150 - $250. The Airpods are only about 2" long, and pretty easy to lose.

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So now, retailers are selling a cord to attach to your Airpods - which basically makes them wired headphones. The cord allows you to wear the Airpods around your neck when not in use, kinda like that neoprene band your dad wore on his sunglasses or the lanyard the school librarian used to keep her glasses handy.

The only good news about this is that people will realize you're not walking down the street just talking to yourself.

You can pick up a 7-pack of silicon straps for just $9.99 at Amazon.com or you can just buy yourself a pair of regular headphones. Totally up to you.


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