There are a few reasons why you're looking at a picture of our feet. First, June brings the observance of National Go Barefoot Day, in all its frivolity...and its seriousness. Second, this week on the morning show we discussed whether it's appropriate to go barefoot at work. And there's another reason that has to do with one of Beth's personal pet peeves.

June 1st is the day every year for National Go Barefoot Day. It certainly has a whimsical feeling, along with the idea that running barefoot through the grass on a summer's day may bring you back to the more carefree days of your youth.

However, there's also a more serious side to the day. The observance actually sprang from the horrible tsunami disaster that adversely affected so many areas on the Indian Ocean. In the wake of the devastation, Souls4Souls has been responsible for the donation of over 19 million pairs of shoes since 2005.

In that spirit, there's a Central New York cobbler named Ralph Rotella, who runs a modest shoe store in downtown Syracuse. Every year he conducts a shoe drive and collects thousands of donations, as he says, so he can "save some souls."

Our topic this week about going barefoot at the office sparked an interesting on-air discussion and led to a caller's admission about a dastardly piece of revenge against an "ex," involving a pair of shoes.

Lastly, on that picture of our entwined bare feet: Beth doesn't like anyone else's feet touching hers, but makes an exception when my nails are nicely clipped. What special rules do YOU have about feet?


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