Laurence Segal will not challenge sprinter Usain Bolt for the title of World's Fastest Human. Nor will he hurl a discus far enough to surpass Germany's Jurgen Schult, who's held that mark for over 30 years.

But Segal IS attempting a world record. And simultaneously doing a good deed.

He's loading up in order to help beat cancer. The man from Solvay (in the Syracuse area) is launching a special eight-hour can drive to aid in the fight against cancer.

Segal is known as "The Can Man" and identifies himself on his Facebook page as a "Cancer Research Advocate." His big event is scheduled for October 28th at Destiny US Mall in Syracuse.

For eight hours that day his goal: "about one million cans and bottles during an 8 hour period." That would set a world record and translate into a big donation for cancer research.

Here's what you need to know:

The Event: Cans For Cancer

The Date: Saturday, October 28

The Place: Bottles End, 101 Montrose Avenue, Solvay, NY (near Destiny USA)

Information: 315-530-7674


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