Ever hit 'send' and immediately regret it? Well, now Facebook is letting you do something about it.

Facebook has finally rolled out the "unsend" feature to all of its users. It was previously available only to Facebook executives. (Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg.)

Here's the deal, according to Mashable: In order to unsend a message, all you have to do is tap on a message in a conversation and select "remove." The app will then ask if you want to remove the message for everyone or just for you (the latter keeps the message visible to other participants, while hiding it from your view).

There's one important thing to keep in mind - you've only got 10 minutes to get the message back. Once the 10 minutes are up - that's it - you're stuck with whatever embarrassing message you sent out.

If only Facebook could develop something like this for the awkward things we sometimes say.

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