While it seems like Facebook has been around forever, it actually turns seven years old today. Seven years of grade drops, friend requests, break ups, hook ups, reconnecting, and so much more! We have some quick Facebook facts!

The average person on Facebook has about 130 friends.

  • The typical user clicks the "like" button eight times a month.
  • You can interact on Facebook in more than 70 languages including Pig Latin and Pirate English.
  • 28 percent of people check their Facebook account before getting out of bed.
  • About 3 billion photos are posted on Facebook every month.
  • About 60 million people play Farmville on Facebook. About 750,000 Americans actually work as farmers.
  • The U.S. and England rank first and second in number of Facebook users. Indonesia is third.
  • Ivy Bean of Bradford, England, was thought to be the world's oldest Facebook user at the time of her death last year at the age of 104.

What's your favorite part of Facebook?