Monday (and every February 25th) is Clam Chowder Day. The day we celebrate one of our most American meals.

But there's always a debate as to WHICH version of the soup is #1. It usually comes down to either New England Clam Chowder or Manhattan Clam Chowder. We turned it over to Twitter and Facebook for a decision. And here's what Central New York (and beyond) had to say about the great chowder debate:

New England was preferred by 70-80% of those voting.

JoAnn and Dorothy picked Manhattan, but only due to lactose intolerance.

Maria makes hers New England-style, with Guinness.

Jim said "Manhattan should only be allowed as a type of cocktail."

Joel #1 dismissed Manhattan as just "Minestrone with some clam juice."

My sister Sheri said: "TOTALLY New England. Manhattan is lame. Period. End of story so go ahead and report this on your show. Case closed."

Our co-worker Dave "Wheels" Wheeler's summed up his feelings in two words: "Neither. Clams."

And Joel #2 said "Rhode Island Clam Chowder tops them cream or tomato to muck up the clam flavor." Who knew?

As it turns out, the National Day Calendar claims there are LOTS of other types of chowder besides New England and Manhattan, including:

  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Hatteras
  • Minorcan
  • Long Island
  • Puget Sound

As for the origin of the word itself, chowder apparently comes from the French word for cauldron, which is chaudiere or the English word jowter, which means fish peddler. So, there's even a debate about THAT.

And, while we're at it, is soup a meal?


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