They say "kids will be kids." Does the phrase still apply the same "understanding" for college students going through the process to become contributing members to society? One Central New York Fire Department says no, as they are tired of being disrespected by disorderly students in their community.

The Morrisville Fire Department took to their Facebook page earlier this week, asking "Anyone know these 2? Typical night in Morrisville." Later, they posted a video that is being discussed by many in the community.

The video shows a group of four alleged Morrisville State College students walking past the fire department at 50 E Main Street, when one of the students threw a can in the road. As volunteer firefighters, the department has has enough of dealing with the irresponsibility of these young adults.

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"The firehouse has had broken glass several times this past month in front of the truck doors and in parking lot where members park," says Morrisville Fire Department Chief Rick Gorton.

Garbage is another issue but the members pick that up on a regular basis. The firehouse has had graffiti painted on the back wall also. But, the grossest thing was vomit on the door to the building. Enough is enough! Our volunteers donate enough time to the community that we don't need to be donating time to pick up broken glass (to prevent tire damage to our vehicles plus the emergency vehicle) and garbage.

Gorton also said that he knows the fire department is not the only one dealing with this particular kind of behavior in the community.

Jeff Macharyas, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, said the college was unaware of the incident. However, they did reach out to rectify the situation and hold the students accountable.

We spoke with UPD and they have since identified the students involved in this particular incident. From here, those students will go through the proper judiciary procedures we have here at the college. We have also gotten in contact with the Fire Department, and after discussions with them, the college will be doing their part to aid in the clean up of the mess that they have experienced. This is an unfortunate situation but we wanted to do our part to make it better.

He also said that the college will pay for the removal of the graffiti on the fire department building.

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