What is wrong with some people? A free lunch program for kids in Central New York may soon come to an end after a few disrespectful punks took advantage and vandalized the restaurant.

Franco's Pizza in Ilion started the 'No Kids Hungry' campaign to make sure all kids had something to eat. Unfortunately, some of the kids coming in for a free meal are ruining it for everyone else.

We have had several issues. Spraying juice boxes all over the bathroom, changing the thermostat and stealing the buttons so we couldn’t adjust the temperature, stealing items from our dining area, stealing food, deliberately throwing trash on the floor, hacking into our sound system, swearing, vaping…the list could go on.

Credit - Franco's Pizza of Ilion via Facebook
Credit - Franco's Pizza of Ilion via Facebook

If one bad apple ruins the bunch, one bad kid can ruin free meals for everyone. The bad behavior is disrupting everyone in the restaurant and employees are fed up. "We have tried to take care of this issue ourselves, but it’s obviously not working."


We at Franco’s have always opened our doors to everyone. Treating everyone who walks through our doors with respect is something that we expect from our employees, with the hopes that our customers and the community we welcome treat us the same.

Parents and guardians are being asked to please talk to their children about the importance of respect. Respect for other people, other people's property, possessions, and most importantly respect for themselves. And not just parents of kids who eat at Franco's. EVERY parent should teach their children to be respectful.

If the destructive and disrespectful behavior continues, the owner of Franco's will have no choice but to cancel the free food program.

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