Because I grew up in Hamilton and Morrisville State College is my alum, it's fine for me to say that if you're driving through Morrisville and you blink - you'll miss it.

Morrisville, New York, is such a small college town that you might have missed a new deli opened on Main Street. Sources report that it opened about a month ago, but it's possible that "people in the area may not know that it's opened for business."

Morrisville Gourmet is deemed as a "fresh and healthy" deli, open in the storefront spaces next to New York Pizzeria on Main Street. Their menu is pretty diverse, containing breakfast items, burritos, subs, sandwiches, gyros, smoothies, salads, wings and more. They don't have an area for dine in at the moment, but they do deliver and are open late.

"There's no place here that's open past 9 PM for food. The Fort might be, but most places close by 9," said Eaton resident Jamie Broedel, who posted a review on Next Door Hamilton. "They use Boar's Head meat, it's affordable and it's nice to have something open after 9."

And that's exactly what their business listing says on Google. They are open seven days a week from 8 AM to midnight. For a college town, that's exactly what is needed, and if you can appreciate deli food (which living in NYC, I loved hitting up a bodega after a night out) it's something you'll definitely want to try.

The address is 36 E Main Street in Morrisville, and if you'd like to call and place an order, you can call (315) 684-1311.

It's a place for the college kids, definitely, but if you can appreciate good quality food with good prices and something different in the area that isn't fast food oriented, or pizza, try it for yourself.

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