Research called “CEO Breeding Ground” (yes, that’s actually the name of the research) discovered that basically if you want your future child to be a CEO, you need to make sure that they are born in the state of New York.

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Conducted by Surety First, the research looked into the birthplaces of hundreds of CEOs who represent the 700 largest companies in the United States in terms of market cap because they wanted to find out which states were producing the most successful Chief Executive Officers.

Surety First discovered that New York state has pumped out quite a few CEOs. Of the 700 companies researched, there were 192 CEOs who were born in the United States – 41 of the states, to be exact.

Of the 192 CEOs, 14 of the states produced five or more currently active CEOs but New York is the state that has produced the most at 28 current New York born CEOs.

If you’re expecting a boy and hope he’ll one day head a company, New York is the perfect “breeding ground” but if it’s a girl you have and if you want her to be a leader, consider this- Michigan is the state producing the most female executives with four of the current 192 United States born CEOs hails from Michigan.

What industry are most of the New York born CEOs leaders in? No surprise really that it is the financial industry (think Nasdaq and Goldman Sachs), and also in the information technology industry.

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