You know what we're talking about - Everyone and their grandma had one of those cute little ceramic Christmas trees that lit up. If you have one, it could be worth some money.

I remember my mom had one of those ceramic trees. It was an off-green color and had all those little "bulbs" that would light up. Some of the coloring was coming off the "bulbs," but it was still adorable. And it was one of my favorite decorations that would come out during the holidays...

That was before I realized it was a decoration that everyone had. Seriously, EVERYONE had one of those.

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about just search google images for "ceramic Christmas tree" and you'll see. And it'll probably bring back some memories.

I wished mine (well, technically my mom's) would have survived the move. Because now that peeling, light-up ceramic Christmas tree could have been worth a few bucks.

If you have one of those trees, it could score you some extra dough this holiday season. According to Click on Detroit, those trees have been selling on eBay for $79 to $650.

Of course, to be worth $650 (or anywhere close to that), you would only assume it has to be in immaculate condition.

But be warned, we took a peek at eBay to see all these ceramic trees that are available, and you'll have a LOT of competition if you plan on selling yours.

Still, if the money means more and it doesn't have any sentimental value to you, might as well get rid of it.



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