You can't ring in the New Year without champagne.  But there's no need to break the bank for a bottle of bubbly. Check out our ten Champagnes or sparkling wines, and there's really no difference, you can get for under $20.

Korbel Brut - $13.99

There are several different flavors of Korbel and it's only about 14 bucks for the big bottle.


Yellow Tail - $7.99

If you like Yellow Tail wine, it would stand to reason you'd like their sparkling wine, and you can get a bottle for under 10 bucks.  It comes in white or rose.


Great Western - $7.99

You can't really go wrong with Great Western for only 8 bucks.  You also can choose between the brut or extra dry.


Freixenet - $10.99

Freinenet can often be found on sale for $7.99.  Normally a bottle costs $10.99, still a bargain.


Riondo $12.49

Riondo comes in white and rose.  Get a bottle of the 'Gold Medal Winner' for less than $13.


Prosecco Candoni - $12.99

The bottle Prosecco Candoni is cool enough to buy a bottle.  Plus it's from Italy. All for only $13.


Cooks - $12.99

Cooks is a more recognizable name and the $12.99 price tag is for the massive bottle.  It'll be enough for the whole party.


Martini - $13.99

Martini comes in two sizes as well. Go big or go home :)


Chandon $17.99

Chandon has several options.  From extra dry and brut to rose and blance de noir.  Get any for $17.99.


Mumm Napa - $18.99

Mumm Napa, which comes from Napa Valley, shocker, comes in brut and rose as well.


If you're not sure which brand to go with, ask.  The sales clerks are always happy to help.  Keep in mind, there's no such thing as bad wine.

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