Cher Lloyd shared the naughty cover art from her upcoming album 'Sorry I'm Late,' which was pushed back from its originally planned 2013 release. It's sexy and plays up Lloyd's bad-but-not-that-bad girl image.

In fact, since she is in a tub, you can say that she is naked. You just can't see anything, thanks to the strategically placed bubbles.

The British diva, who didn't win her season of the U.K. edition of 'X Factor,' which also featured One Direction, who didn't win, either, was forced to share this album cover since it leaked.

She posted: "The CLEAN cover for my album #sorryimlate was leaked. So I decided that I'm just gunna release it! Here it is guys #SORRYIMLATE #explicit."

The singer is soaking in a tub, surrounded by bubbles, with an old-fashioned phone pressed up against her ear. She is exhaling a plume of smoke from her mouth and staring ahead. Her eye makeup up is amazingly smoky and sooty, and you can see some of the newly married singer's tattoos dotting her arms. She also has her brown locks piled atop her head.

It's also very mysterious and incredibly visually appealing! You can't take your eyes off her.

Lloyd will release the album on May 27. Cher, we're not sorry you're late. Better later than never!

Cher is sorry, not sorry, as they say.

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