Cher Lloyd shows off a raw new sound on her latest single, 'Sirens' -- a kind of emotional intensity that is perfectly executed in the gripping music video for the track.

In the music video for 'Sirens' -- the second single off of her upcoming album, 'Sorry I'm Late' -- the British singer plays a distraught woman whose husband (or boyfriend) is involved with some shady issues with drugs, leaving Lloyd's character and her daughter to face the wrath of his actions. Before the Drug Enforcement Agency raids their home, Lloyd goes through a range of emotions, and you can tell by the pain on her face and the hurt in her voice just how blistering these feelings are.

Though the subject matter of the video is serious, we are absolutely loving the singer's new tune, which definitely gives off a Demi Lovato-like vibe. While we still can't get enough of some her upbeat songs like 'Want U Back,' there's definitely something to be said about Cher Lloyd's more haunting material, like 'Sirens.' Not only does it truly show off her vocal chops, but it also gives her a great depth and versatility as an artist. 'Sirens' is one song we will definitely have on repeat for a while.

Check out Cher Lloyd's music video for 'Sirens' above.

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