On the Relationship Advice board of Reddit, one boyfriend wants to know how to talk to his girlfriend about her gross habit of sleeping with chocolate.

Buckle up, this story goes from weird to gross quick. On a post titled "Is it weird if my(23M) girlfriend(25F)sleeps with chocolate?", one poster goes into details about a habit his girlfriend has:

My girlfriend and I have been happily together for five years. We actually just bought a house together (yayyy!) However, since we’ve been living together, I’ve discovered she has some…interesting sleeping habits. After the first few weeks of us living together, I noted some brown stains on the foot of our bed (we have white sheets) and was pretty grossed out."

The poster explains he mentions this to his girlfriend, and she had this answer:

She explained about how she sleeps with UNWRAPPED Chocolate by our FEET every night. Apparently she has done this since she was a little girl. She said how she always wakes up in the middle of the night hungry and it helps her go back to sleep."

Her logic......she likes warm chocolate. Warm feet chocolate. Girlfriend's logic is that both of their feet are clean because she showers before bed and “washes them like her hands.” Still, it's feet chocolate is it not?

She said that since we always stayed together at my old house before, she never had her chocolate there so it never came up. What should I do in this situation? I really don’t want us to break up"

What advice would you give to this guy? Text us on our station app. Personally, Reeses doesn't make feet chocolate.

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