Chris Brown emerges seemingly unscathed after a nasty public dispute with his management, publicist and landlord with the release of "Leave Broke." His new single comes with a sexy bikini clad visual.

Over the past few weeks, Breezy’s public business disputes have obviously not hindered his creative flow. Brown is back to serving up new music and had time to pair it with a video. Backed by his hype man, bikini-clad women and a bright red Ferrari, Chris sings about a stripper and his budget. Classic.

He croons, “She working that pole, she so unbelievable/ She outta control, up and down, unbelievable / She be working that body, I’ma leave broke / Throwing 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 100s, I’ma leave broke.”

CB touts his wealth with jokes about his fashion style and genitalia.

“Girl come and pop with a rich n----,” he rhymes. “I’m rocking skinny jeans like it make my dick bigger / I pay 100 for that ass, I’m a sick n---- / I’m pouring up the codeine, I don’t sip liquor,” he sings.

Music aside, Brown lashed out on social media last week saying, “ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE CLAIMING TO BE MY ‘TEAM,’ are apart of MIKE Gs TEAM… they all were fired on different occasions."

His response was triggered by assault accusations from former managers. Just days after his ex-manager Mike G filed a suit claiming that the Grammy-winning singer assaulted him, it was reported that Breezy also threatened his tour manager, Nancy Ghosh.

We hope abandoning his management and pissing off his landlord doesn’t force Breezy to really “leave broke."

Watch Chris Brown's "Leave Broke" video above.

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