As police await Chris Brown’s surrender outside his home, the female victim who claims that the singer threatened her with a gun is speaking out.

In an interview with TMZ Live, the alleged victim, Baylee Curran, gave her account of what happened on Tuesday morning (Aug. 30). According to Curran, she was partying at Brown’s home when she started looking at some jewelry. When another person started yelling at her, that’s when Brown allegedly got angry and told her "get the f--- out" and pointed a gun at her.

When Curran tried to leave the residence, she claims that Brown’s people wouldn’t let her have her cell phone unless she signed a nondisclosure agreement, which she refused. She eventually got her phone back and that’s when she called 911.

Currently, police are at a standoff with Brown.

Meanwhile, Brown went on his Instagram page blasting the police, and the media, as well as denying the "f---ed up allegations." "I'm innocent. F--- everybody. I'm tired of this s---," he said.

Brown then rhetorically asks in one video about reports that he’s barricaded inside his home. “Imma barricade myself in a palace? For what?” he asked.

“And while we’re on my promo kick, let me not forget to say go stream, download buy ‘Grass Ain’t Greener. Video out,” Brown said in another clip. “Ironic how I put a crazy video out and now you’ve got a bulls--- ass story.”

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