Someone on the Syracuse Reddit is currently dealing with that seems to be cigarette smoke coming from pipes in their plumbing. How would you handle this situation?

One user posted to the Syracuse Reddit board asking for advice on this issue. The currently live in an apartment complex. Here's what they posted:

We live in an apartment complex with like 10 apartments. We getting cigarettes smoke from our pipes, if you open the shelf under the sing it smells really bad and it leaks to our living room and kitchen. We have a little girl in our apartment. So I am very concerned about second hand smoke. I talked to the landowner and I don’t think it helped, we still getting cigarette smoke. Are there any health departments that we can complain? Thank you!"

Many users are weighing in with their opinion. Some of these users are current landlords of other properties:

1) Call the health department. They will send an inspector and take measurements.

2) Complaining won’t get you very far because there is no code violation. People are allowed to smoke in their apartment. There COULD be a rental agreement violation so read your agreement.

3) One User suggested

What would you do in this situation?

What Is Smoke Free Housing NY?

SmokeFreeHousingNY is funded by the New York State DOH Tobacco Control Program. Their goal is to protect the health of residents by increasing the availability of smoke-free multi-unit housing throughout the State:

We have assisted public housing authorities, nonprofit community development corporations, cooperatives, condominiums and market rate apartment management companies to adopt no-smoking policies in their communities.

If you'd like to know more as a property owner, or a renter, you can go online here.

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