Winter is coming, and that means snow is on the way. Every year, Central New York gets an onslaught of snowstorms and whiteouts, but they rarely stop Central New Yorkers from going about their business, and it's all thanks to the snow plows and those who sit in their cabs through all the rough conditions.

The City of Syracuse is welcoming ten new plows onto its fleet for the 2020-2021 winter season, and since they purchased the plows with taxpayer dollars, Mayor Ben Walsh wants the public's help naming these mean, lean, street-sweepin' machines.

"The residents of Syracuse made it possible for us to purchase these new plows, and I want them to take pride when they see them on the roads,” Walsh said. “There is a great sign at DPW headquarters that says ‘Through these doors go the best snow fighters in the USA.’ I hope we get submissions that are in that spirit and are worthy of the people in the cabs."

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The city said it is looking for "fun and meaningful names" that, if chosen, will be displayed on the outside of the plows. The public, including city employees, can submit name ideas until December 1 through an online form. Name submissions must be no more than 50 characters and no more than three separate words. The city will announce its ten winners in December.

Syracuse residents have already put on their thinking caps and started brainstorming fun ideas for the plows' names. Tim Pope wrote on Facebook that he likes the idea of naming plows after their respective neighborhoods, like "Beast of the East" for the Eastside. Spencer Baker went more of a sports route, suggesting the plows be named after former bruising players from Syracuse University.

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